Siding Repair, Charlotte, NC

Even the toughest of materials will need repairs on occasion, especially when those materials are there to protect your home. Siding is highly durable and resistant to fading, wind, rain, hail, and all kinds of fluctuating weather. There are some things that will cause it damage, however. Whether it’s an errant baseball, a thunderstorm and resulting tree fall, or even a barbeque grill that was placed too close to the house, there are all kinds of reasons why you might require siding repair services. When you’re in need of siding repair in Charlotte, North Carolina, our team here at 21 Roofing Group is here to help you!

Siding repairs can happen for a variety of reasons, and we can help make your home look good as new.

We have over 15 years of experience in the housing construction industry, so when you call us at 21 Roofing Group for help with your siding repair, you can feel confident that you’re getting some of the best in the business. We have both the skills and tools that are necessary to properly complete any siding repair work that you might need done. We will work with you to find the siding that you need to match your existing siding, so that by the time we have completed your siding repair, you won’t be able to tell the difference between repaired and existing siding.

Damage to your siding, even small damages, can leave your home vulnerable. Bees and wasps love to make hives in the small spaces between siding and your exterior walls, and even a small hole gives them access to do just that. Damaged siding can also expose your home to moisture, mold, and other issues. If you’re in need of a siding repair in Charlotte, North Carolina, don’t wait-- give our experts here at 21 Roofing Group a call today