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Roof Replacement, Mooresville, NC

In most circumstances, nobody wants to think about roof replacement until it becomes absolutely necessary. It can be easy for homeowners to forget that roofs don’t last forever, and depending on the type of roof they have, it might need to be replaced sooner than they expect.

Our team can help you discover the best roof replacement solutions for your home.

Although a homeowner can extend the life of their roof by getting regular inspections and maintenance, there will eventually come a time when it makes more sense to replace the entire roof altogether instead of making smaller repairs as needed. In the Mooresville, North Carolina region, here are a few signs that your home needs roof replacement services:

  • Excessive leaking. An occasional small leak doesn’t necessarily mean you need an immediate roof replacement, but if you’re constantly seeing new water damage on your ceiling or walls, it’s best to get professional help as soon as possible. Too many leaks can decrease the structural integrity of your house or damage your belongings if they go unchecked.
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  • Curling shingles. Roof shingles that are curling around the edges could signify that they weren’t installed correctly or that they’re simply old and ready to be replaced. In either case, curled shingles leave more of your roof exposed to the elements, which can cause further damage if the issue isn’t dealt with in a timely manner.
  • Damage caused by wind or hail. Hail can dent and bruise shingles, which can cause cracking and more severe damage over time. High winds during storms can potentially loosen shingles, compromising the durability of your roof.

To fully understand the condition of your roof, you’ll need to reach out to a professional roofing company to complete an inspection. Here at 21 Roofing Group, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your roof and interior ceilings before providing you with a detailed report of our findings. Connect with one of our team members today to schedule an appointment!

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You can trust our experts to help you select materials and install your new roof.

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