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What to Do if Your Roofing Has Been Installed Improperly

Your roof is obviously an important part of your home.  It protects you from the elements, provides insulation, and keeps you, your family, and your possessions safe.  These are just some of the reasons why we pride ourselves on providing you with professional roofing installation and repair—because we care about you.  While we can guarantee the work of our team of trained, experienced roofers, we cannot guarantee the work done by other crews.  And with so many thins riding on your roofing doing it’s job well, what happens when your roofing company does not do their job correctly?

Unfortunately, this is sometimes the case.  As we have been called upon to repair leaking or improperly installed roofs, we have seen that not all roofing jobs are done equally.  Some of these improper installations can cause a weakening of your shingles, water to leak in and seriously undermine the structural integrity of your roof, loose and missing shingles, and easier damage to a roof come stormy weather.

We take pride in fixing those problems, so you can feel confident that your roofing has been installed correctly and soundly.  A properly installed roof should be something that you expect when having your roof installed or repaired.  However, as industry requirements and standards have changed, older roofs might not be as up-to-code as their newer counterparts.

If you suspect your roof has not been installed properly and are seeing any of the previously mentioned problems—which might also just be signs of general roof damage or need for repair—call us at 21 Roofing Group today, and we will happily come by and give you an inspection and estimate.  We offer the best warranties on the market for our roofing installations services and can’t wait to show you what a great roof can do for you and your home.