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4 Warning Signs That Your House Needs Roof Repair

Every homeowner is dedicated to giving their home’s crowning glory, its roof, the best care so they can enjoy the long-term benefits for as long as possible. Roof repair is, therefore, part and parcel of a roof’s maintenance. Here are some tell-tale signs you need to watch out for:

  • Age. A roof that is well beyond the 20 to 25-year mark is a perfect candidate for repair. Factors such as exposure to harsh climatic conditions over the years may affect the longevity of the materials used to make the roof, causing the roof’s functionality, and lifespan, to be decreased.
  • Missing Granules in Shingles. Old shingles or damage by the weather may contribute to granule loss, making the roof susceptible to fire accidents or harsh UV rays, and the roof may lose its aesthetic appeal. A simple look by the layman’s eye can pinpoint this loss.
  • Falling Shingles. If the roof was not installed by a certified professional, is aging, and faces attacks from strong winds on the regular, the shingles may start to fall off, weakening your roof and causing a need for roof repair.
  • Drip Drip Drip. That annoying drip after drip from the roof after it rains should be a wakeup call.

Fixing your roof the moment you heed to these warning signs saves you a lot of future damage costs, and gives you peace of mind. Call us at 21 Roofing Group for competent roof repair services you will forever be grateful for.