Your roof protects your entire home

It is not an understatement to say your roof protects your entire home. When your roof is not working properly, you risk the framework of your house, the insulation, the painting and drywall, the appliances and more. One quick rainstorm in Charlotte, North Carolina can change your opinion quickly on how important your roof really is.


is onhandling this most important of tasks efficiently and professionally. The first task is to do a thorough roof inspection to determine the issues. If it is something simple, we may suggest a simple roof repair. If it is more serious, then we will determine the type of roofing you need and offer you a price estimate. It is possible the inspection may uncover wind and hail damage that would be covered by your insurance, as well.

Once the estimate is approved

we will schedule a date to begin. We will show up promptly and early to get started. Our team is trained thoroughly in not only giving you the best roofing job, but also in respecting your property and leaving it looking as good as, if not better than, when we arrived.