When we recommend Atlas shingles for your home

our goal is to leave you with a roof that lasts and improves curb appeal.

Here at 21 Roofing Group, we proudly use premium roofing materials whenever we are tasked with replacement, installation, and repair jobs. This is why we use Atlas shingles on many of the roofing jobs we complete. This brand of shingles is known throughout the roofing industry for quality, and they have maintained this exceptional level of superiority since they began producing roofing products in 1982.

If your roof needs new shingles

we might recommend Atlas shingles after conducting a thorough inspection of your roofing system. 

Based on what we find, we might suggest Atlas shingles with their signature Scotchgard Protector™. This type of shingle prevents black streaks caused by algae that might detract from the overall appearance of your roof. 


These shingles also include

copper-containing granules that allow the copper ions to slowly release over time. These granules are blended evenly with standard colored granules. You can also opt for an Atlas Lifetime Limited Warranty against black streaks created by algae.