Tony Garay – Vice President of 21 Roofing Group

One of the unique things about roofing is that someone can become interested in this industry even without having been around it for a long time. Tony Garay, Vice President here at 21 Roofing Group, has a prestigious background in the field of real estate, primarily in the south Florida area. In the 15 years he was involved in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate, he was present for countless property inspections and transactions. This gave him insight into many different trades related to structures, including roofing.

Tony has also invested in his own properties, so he had to become acutely aware about all aspects of renovating and selling those he purchased so that he could properly survey and inspect properties before purchasing them. It was during this endeavor that he met Erik Ramirez, who had started 21 Roofing Group 7 years prior and entered the industry along a similar path, through real estate and construction. They hit it off, and the rest is history.

As Tony puts it, “I enjoy being a part of this team, mainly because of their efficient, organized operation and their respect for quality of life for all their team.” The company has a distinct family environment, which he can appreciate as a family man with an amazing wife and 7-year-old daughter. In his spare time, Tony enjoys hiking, camping, and exercising, as well as spending every moment relishing his little family of 3.